Show Series Week 2: Local Love Saskatoon!

Welcome back to another show series with Sandra!

I hope everyone had a fabulous week and is enjoying the fabulous fall colors!  The River Valley in Edmonton has some of the most stunning views – hey, maybe take a ride on the Edmonton Queen Riverboat to get that last glimpse of summer before it becomes “couch season”!  It’s truly one of the most romantic rides in Edmonton – trust me and check them out!(

I’m excited to share with you our next show and the reason we picked this one too!  I’d love to hear any comments you have about your favorite show and why you picked that one too!

Show number two for us is in Saskatchewan! It’s being held at a fabulous looking barn called The Barn at Wind’s Edge that looks like the most perfect, romantic and dreamiest of places – and we get to hang out in there for this show!

local love sask.jpeg

October 4, 2019, Local Love, Saskatoon: 

Local Love does small curated shows in a big production way!  The ladies at Local Love create the most intimate environment, with the top vendors in the industry!  This show is short and sweet (from 4-8 pm) and we really love that you can spend some quality time talking with guests.  

We have attended as a vendor at the Local Love Wedding Show in YEG previously, and will do so again in 2020, but the reason we are heading to Saskatoon is because we have had so many amazing Saskatchewan clients travel for hours to come and see us, we decided to return the favor and bring the dresses to them☺  We are very grateful to have met some amazing people and we cannot wait to meet your family and friends at this show!  

I’ve never been to Saskatoon before and I am super excited!  We are actually going to travel along with a few other vendors in Edmonton (and surrounding area), and it will be kind of like a travelling bridal convey!   Watch out Saskatoon – here we come!!! Let’s pray for great weather as we go on our adventure!


As I’ve said before, at each of these shows we are giving away a prize package worth almost $1000!!  We will be giving away either two bridesmaid dresses or a mother of the bride/groom dresses from Jasmine Bridal (check out our booth for details), along with a complete bridal package from our talented TDL Styles Artists (bridal updo and bridal make-up), as well as a product package from our Redkin Supplier, Summit Salon Services.  In order to enter into this contest you need to attend our booth, and follow the contest details!  See…you need to come!

Come see us, join us and tell us all about your big day!  Tickets are still available! See you soon!



Sandra Weber