How to: Avoid Momzilla


It can be the most overwhelming yet exciting adventure when your child is getting married!

There are so many emotions: elation, nerves, excitement, stress, sadness! Your baby is all grown up!

While it’s easy to let those emotions take over and begin micromanaging some of the wedding planning (I mean, we’ve done it before - we’re just helping, right?!), here are my best tips for ensuring that you never get the title of “Momzilla”:

Number One:

Even if you know when the groom is proposing, it’s not your news to share! Don’t spill the beans before the bride and groom have done so themselves - even if your prying great aunt wants to know all the details of the proposal and the ring. Act surprised!

Number Two:

Become best buddies with the parents of your new son/daughter-in-law. They’re about to become a big part of your life over the next year or so with planning, so it’s best to pick up a bottle of champagne and have them over for dinner to make nice before you start chatting financials.

Number Three:

Letting the bride and groom know that you’ll “be there for them when they need you” is great, but it’s not exactly helpful. What are you good at that you can help out with? Are you creative? A great planner? Just want to help out financially? Do you have the time to help out? Be very specific about what you are offering so there is no miscommunication during the planning process. If you overpromise and underdeliver, there is guaranteed drama!

Number Four:

Don’t play the comparison game. Although I know the very real feelings that come up when there are mothers/step mothers/grandmothers attending who would like to “steal the show”, I promise you that the guests are only looking at the bride and groom, and celebrating in their love. You’re on the same team, remember? Wear a dress that is flattering and makes you feel confident (we have lots of those from Jasmine Bridal!), and enjoy the night!

Number Five:

Pick your battles. It’s easy to think and refer to the wedding as “our wedding”, but it’s not - even if you are financially involved. Pick your battles, and recognize that there are going to be disagreements on certain wedding decisions. This is totally normal, and you are the positive force in this relationship who can tame the groom/bridezilla! Bring them back down to Earth, keep the negativity at home, and share your honest opinions when asked.

What tips would you share with the mother of the bride/groom to avoid being called “Momzilla”?

Sandra WeberComment