Mother of The Bride? This is What you NEED to Know!

This is your daughter’s time to shine, not yours! This isn’t a “do-over” of the wedding you never got - this is your daughter’s special day! Now, let’s be honest here - this doesn’t mean that you cannot look fabulous, sexy, and feel confident as hell! Drop in to the Dress Lounge, and we’ll make sure that we find the right dress for you!

It goes without saying, but on the day of the wedding it’s inappropriate to wear white, cream, or ivory. You want your daughter to shine like a princess on her special day with all eyes on her!

I’m not controlling, you’re controlling! As mother’s, we can be a little overbearing when it comes to planning and details. As much as it pains us sometimes, we need to consider that the bride and groom are in charge of the final decisions leading up to the big day. Make friends with the wedding planner in case things go otherwise, but unless you’ve been tasked with something, it’s best that you pour a glass of vino, pop some popcorn, and stay out of the way.

Pick your battles. If you have a family tradition that is an absolute MUST, let your daughter know that this is your one request. You can have one request, right?

It doesn’t matter who you speak with, when financials get involved we must always tread lightly. There are still families that believe the parents of the bride must pay for the entire wedding - make your financial commitments very clear to the parents of the groom at the beginning to avoid any miscommunication during the planning process.

Your daughter might turn into bridezilla. It’s your job to be supportive no matter what she does, or how bad she gets. Stability is the name of the game here - if you’re no longer stable, it creates a domino effect which can cause drama between the bridesmaids, mother of the groom, grandmother, etc. Keep your cool - I know very well just how hard this can be!

Every mother has this vision of her baby girl wearing her wedding dress down the aisle, but unfortunately, your daughter may not feel the same. Offer your gown, but try not to force it. Trends change, your daughter’s style may be different than yours, the dress must coordinate with the location, etc. This is not a personal attack on you and your wedding dress choice! If it’s important to the both of you that your dress is used in the wedding, a piece of your dress could be altered/added to her dress by a wonderful seamstress, or perhaps your veil could be used instead. Stay open-minded in this!

Last but definitely not least: make sure you drop in to the Dress Lounge to give us all the details about your daughter’s wedding so we can fit you with the perfect Mother of the Bride dress, and to discuss lounge rental options for the big day!